Why the financial sales world is a nightmare for clients

I receive marketing material in my in box every day from the investment sales side. Typically it goes something like this one this morning: “Double your production in 12 months”, learn “how to close”,”how to get clients to buy” and many other “tricks”. This clip walks “advisors” through how to amass a “shock and awe box” to attract new prospects. Too bad the industry did not direct this type of laser focus on how to actually protect and grow client capital once new victims sign up.

“Nationally Recognized Marketing Expert Seth Greene shares how to double your production in 12 months for financial advisers with his gold coaching program”. Here is a direct link.

For anyone who is still not clear on why the sales side is directly in opposition to a client’s best interests, this clip offers some insight on the math and commission structures common in the business at 15:00 on the play bar. Listen and learn as the guru explains the rich commission flows that can come off various products when compared with say you put “a quarter of the money in fixed income makin’ya nothin’.” This is a beauty, and the real reason the business is so adamant that no one should hold “low yielding fixed income”. Low yielding for the advisors they mean. Meanwhile as explained in the opening minutes of the clip, the Dow may be back at its 2007 high, but client accounts have still not made back what they lost in the 2 bear markets since 2000. High risk, high commission products for the advisors have meant wild volatility with negative returns and repeated frustration for the clients. What a great business!!

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