Jeffery Sachs details “mountain of criminal and fraudulent behaviour” in finance today

This is an excellent summary of where we are at. And yes it can seem hopeless to fix. But we must nonetheless.

“Since 2008, the United States has missed out on over $4 trillion in National Income from unemployed workers and capital due to insufficient demand. Meanwhile, inequality and corruption is skyrocketing in our country.

This is a wonderful speech about corruption in the United States: from Washington DC and Wall Street, including the entire financial/banking system.

This video is being posted only for educational purposes and to have this important viewpoint as public record.

From the event at the Philadelphia Fed on April 17th, 2013 (04/17/2013) conference segment “Fixing the Banking System for Good”.

“The amount of utter criminality and financial fraud is absolutely enormous and its almost daily.” Here is a direct link.

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