Ghost Exchange: HFT documentary now available on iTunes

Our financial markets provide a vital link between investors and businesses in need of capital. They enable companies and governments to raise funds for operations, and investors to participate and earn a return. Their smooth and stable operation is inexorably intertwined with the well-being of the entire global economy. Since the birth of the republic, the US financial system has been challenged, tested, shaken and subject to growing pains. However in very recent times, it has been shaken by tremors so powerful, they are weakening confidence in a market that once was the envy of the world.

Ghost Exchange probes the current state of US capital markets, the impact of high frequency and algorithmic trading, the lack of, or ineffective regulatory oversight and the risks that are now inherent in our markets by going right to the source –Wall Street’s leading insiders – who shine a light on startling signs that the US stock market has built so much speed and complexity into the current system that it is impossible to regulate. The system has become – a Ghost Exchange.

Here is a direct link to the trailer. You can watch the film now on iTunes.

High-frequency traders and high-speed algorithmic trading have been blamed for everything from the Flash Crash to the Knight Capital disaster, and now HFT is the subject of an indie film. Acknowledging that she had no idea before she began working on the film that so many trades were decided by algorithms, Camilla Sullivan, director of “Ghost Exchange,” tells TABB Group founder and CEO Larry Tabb that the movie is relevant to anyone with a pension plan or a bank account

. Here is a direct link.

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