Vancouver Resource Investment Conference this weekend

I will be speaking at the Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Conference this weekend with a Keynote on Sunday at 1:30, a presentation Monday at 11:00 am and a panel discussion on World Outlook Monday at 5:00 pm. You can register to attend or see more on the agenda here.

Last time I attended this show was January 2013 when I gave this presentation and did this interview laying out the likelihood of an incoming global recession, continued weakness in commodity prices, precious metals and Canadian stocks, along with a stronger US dollar and continued bid for North American bonds. (So far so good.) I also explained why we were expecting weakness to materialize in over-valued US stock markets…definitely taking longer than average for US stocks to turn down, especially as global Central Bankers are committing hari kari every day to try and stall the inevitable. That said the vector of the slowing global economy remains in tact and US stocks are now even more over-valued than 6 months ago. As they say on planes, during periods of extreme turbulence, best to remain calm and keep our seat belts fastened.

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