A simple approach to solve the health crisis

My family has followed a largely vegan diet for the past several years. We do eat a bit of organic cheese and milk; the men in the family still like a bit of organic meat once or twice a week. But we all share a commitment to eating a mostly plant based diet–even the teenagers, and we are all grateful for the radiant health benefits that result. Our favourite way to consume veggies and some fruits for breakfast is through juicing and smoothies. In this way, the produce is raw and relatively fast and easy to prepare. I know that in this simple shift to minimize processed foods and animal products, we could end the obesity epidemic that is presently gutting the physical resilience of our populace. Each month I see those that come to this revelation slowly stepping out of fat, sick and decaying bodies into the joy of health and youth once more. It is as if they waken from a self-destructive trance and come back to life. So exciting to witness.

“Six years ago New York Times food writer and columnist Mark Bittman decided to change his eating habits for good. He was 40 pounds overweight and was diagnosed with high blood sugar and high cholesterol. Bittman knew that his risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes would increase if he continued to eat the way he had been over the last 57 years. So he came up with a new strategy to get fit and be healthy without taking drugs. He emphasized plants, whole grains and fruits instead of meat and processed foods in his diet and watched as the weight melted away.

Bittman has shared his new food mantra with the masses in his latest book “VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00.” It’s a simple plan that anyone can follow, he says in an interview with The Daily Ticker.

“What the science is really telling us is that we don’t eat enough plants,” he says. “We eat too much junk food. We eat too much meat. We eat too many animal products in general. The whole strategy is shifting a portion of your diet – not all of it – but a tolerable part of it to plants.”

Here is a direct video link.

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