Toronto Resource Investment Conference Thursday

I will be speaking at the Cambridge House Toronto Resource Conference on Thursday at the Sheraton Center Downtown with a keynote presentation at 3:30 pm (“Cyclical Opportunities in an Era of Deleveraging: How to Protect and Grow Capital Over Each Full Market Cycle”) and on an Economic Outlook panel at 4:30 pm with Ned Goodman and Frank Holmes.

This is my 7th year speaking at this annual conference. Hard to believe. When I first attended in the fall of 2007, the North American economy was just entering recession (missed by nearly everyone) and the commodity bubble was peaking at the highest prices seen in decades. Like bugs to a light, 1000’s of attendees flocked to the show. I was one of the few who was warning about the downside of over-exuberant prices. Today commodity companies and many of the materials themselves have dropped precipitously over the past 5 years. In many cases prices are the lowest seen in more than 10 years and the attendance will no doubt be a fraction of its former self. Such is the nature of humans and capital allocation: only in public markets are people attracted most when prices are obscene and the least when prices are the lowest.

You can see more about the agenda and register for free on line in advance ($20 admission at the door) here on the Cambridge House website.

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