Ikea has a bright idea for growth

The world’s largest home furnishing retailer has entered an agreement with Hanergy Solar Group Ltd. (566) to sell solar-panel systems in its 18 U.K. stores for the first time. See: Ikea to sell $9200 solar panel kits in all UK stores

“The deal shows how photovoltaic power is moving into the mainstream in the U.K., where more than 400,000 small solar systems operate. Price drops and state subsidies have doubled installations since the end of 2011, government figures show.

Ikea will offer standard 3.36-kilowatt photovoltaic systems for 5,700 pounds ($9,200) upfront, as well as a leasing option…

Solar power is a part of Ikea’s plan to source all its energy from renewables by 2020. It has installed more than 500,000 panels on some of its 298 stores across the world.”

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