CBC: The Third Rail, building a better pension system

Honest financial advice and management can only serve those who wish to hear the truth and understand math. The world is therefore full of people who put their faith in advisers and financial products who make the most unrealistic and even fraudulent representations. The truth: that people need to spend less, save more, work longer and avoid over-valued financial markets that are destined to implode savings, is not a popular message.

“Today, we hear from two people who offer ways to keep Canadian pensions strong not only for the bubble-of-boomers ready to cash in but for their grandchildren. They say politicians, businesses, unions and taxpayers need to stop sniping and start re-thinking”. Here is a direct audio link.

Also on this topic, Frontline ran an encore presentation last night of “The Retirement Gamble”. For anyone that missed it last time, it is well worth the watch. Here is a direct video link. Imagine how the math of all this will look once the next bear market takes a bite out of today’s bubbling stock markets once more.

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