Wizened in OZ

Grant Williams, investment strategist and author of “Things that Make you go HMMM” gave this very lucid presentation in Perth last month. Here is a direct video link.

John Mauldin’s latest letter is also excellent in its clarity on the scourge of Central Bankers. See: Arsonists Running the Fire Brigaide In the midst of mad times, it is very good to hear that not everyone has lost their minds.

It is very important that thinking people today wake up and realize that as in the 1920’s, over the past 25 years, bankers once more ballooned into a scourge that continues to dominate democracy and suck the strength from the global economy. Rather than finally recognize our folly in 2008 and reinstate the corrective and protective measures needed, so far the free world has done the equivalent of promoting pedophiles to run our daycare centers. Those of us who have been pounding the table in horror to point this out and raise the alarm, are still generally rebuffed by polite society who continue to praise and thank the perpetrators for all their committed service. This truly is a dark chapter in the human story. We welcome the next blow up as another opportunity to come to our collective senses.

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