The trouble with asymmetric market cycles

Coming into the final hour of yet another crazy day in financial markets. As of 3:30 ET we have bonds and precious metals weaker, with the US dollar stronger, all three suggesting a FED QE taper is more likely on some of the stronger economic data the past week. While stocks had sold off the past 5 days on a similar assessment, today they are rebounding all in a world of their own dreaming. For those who believe it is smart to ride bubble prices up and then exit when troubles hit, the following graph shows the challenge. Like tidal waves, market bubbles are asymmetric: they take their own sweet time to crest, and then crash down in violent mean reversion as buyers vanish and sellers scramble to find a bid. By the end, typically all of the price gains seen from the beginning of the uptrend are evaporated. Sometimes more.

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