Unacceptable levels

My sister (the Green Belly Chef) showed me this documentary. I think it is important to watch and learn some of the things we can and must do to take back some responsibility and respect for health on earth. You can buy unlimited views of this multi-award winning documentary on the film’s web site here for $14.95.
Here is a direct video link to the trailer.

For those who do not want to spend the money or time viewing, Jordana wrote a helpful outline of some key takeaways and action points from the film on her web site here see: Toxic Defence.

I used to spend many volunteer hours with organizations raising funds for cancer treatment and research. Then one day while I was helping to sell fundraising pizza, hotdogs and beer to an overweight and unhealthy crowd at a cancer fundraiser, it occurred to me that it made little sense. We were devoting all our time and resources raising funds to treat illness and the suffering that flows from health destruction, while perpetrating the problem, and spending little to no time preventing or figuring out why so many people are getting sick in the first place. Seven years ago, I shifted that time and energy toward organizations and practices that seek to prevent disease and unnecessary suffering.

I have heard many people say how they have no time to sweat this little stuff. But the truth is that these issues of health, food, exercise and environment are not the little stuff, but the very foundations of life itself. If we are to waste less and benefit more, we must get our focus on the Doughnut and away from the hole.

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