A no-spin overview on India

As part of the BRIC story sold to investors over the past decade, India was the focus of great bullish hopes and breathless forecasts all projecting its 1.2 billion people as centers of endless consumption. India does boast the second largest population on the planet just behind China. But with the Indian stock market down now 52% since it peaked with the credit bubble in 2008, investors have discovered the hard way once more, that it takes a lot more than just population to grow a developing economy. The masses need to be earning, participating and spending money in order to sustain economic growth. At the same time, every week it seems, we hear news of yet another horrifying gang rape story out of India. All of which should cause thinking people to wonder…what the hell is going on in India? This interview with Jayant Bhandari offers some insight.

Jayant Bhandari, an institutional advisor, talks about the myth behind India’s so-called economic juggernaut. He also reveals his perspective on China, gold, the junior resource sector and dominant trends in the global economy. Here is a direct video link.

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