More on rigged markets, unfair advantage and crash risk

Over the past 5 years, anything that has helped to push security prices higher and rebuild bank coffers (insider trading, skimming, front-running, money laundering, HFT, re-hypothecation, price fixing, QE) are considered by the status quo–central banks, regulators, financial heads– desirable and worth the financial costs to everyone else. It is a catch 22 however, because all of these short term prods have served to undermine the stability and durability of current prices and markets.

Once that reality is revealed and losses hit once more, all of these same factors will be cited as “bad guys” that caused the collapse. Of course no one will be compensating or bailing out individual investors; many of whom will have their life dreams and plans thwarted in the process. By then, as in 2000 and 2008, this period will be just another sad and foreseeable chapter in the secular bear book.Here is a direct video link.

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