Suppressing the urge of addiction

I caught this segment last night and it blew my mind. Imagine the ramifications of this tool.  As covered this month on Frontline the US prison population alone has grown 800% in the past 30 years; nearly half of the inmates are convicted of drug related offenses.

An implant that ends the physical compulsion of addiction is an incredible support to the other psycho-emotional work and therapy available to individuals. Less people driven by addiction, means less people in conflict with the law, less health care costs, more attentive and focused parents…generations of more productive citizens. Think of all the valuable people who have been lost to the affliction of addiction. The potential benefits and savings are life changing.

BioCorRx CEO Kent Emry and Actor & BioCorRx “Start Fresh” Patient Jeremy Miller discuss the “Start Fresh” program and the surgical implant that helps fight alcohol cravings. Here is a direct video link.

The efficacy of orally administered Naltrexone in treating alcohol addiction was confirmed in this 2002 Canadian trial.

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