Content quandry: short and shallow or long and thoughtful?

In an expensive big media world paid for by sponsors, getting important issues covered in a balanced and thoughtful way is not easy. Some argue that today’s media-drenched, distracted public has no appetite or patience for detailed, weighty discussions…but is that true?

Videos first came online nearly twenty years ago. They were tiny, low-quality, and barely worked, thanks to dial-up. Conventional wisdom said: make videos short – nothing over a minute or two.Users would be lucky to download anything at all. Flash forward to 2014. Homes are on broadband. Everyone seems to have a smartphone. But even now, many believe that video should be short, funny and hopefully viral. Even with fast Internet and fast devices, no one — especially not young people — will watch more than a few minutes. Long form video just doesn’t do well online.

Except that it does. Long form video journalism can be hugely popular online, and potentially very profitable. Here is a direct video link.

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