Inspiring technology brings life-changing innovation

With many c-suites still fixated on financial engineering to borrow long and buy back their own shares to goose short term earnings in a world of shrinking sales, some offer a glimpse of what is possible when we focus energy and resources on true engineering that actually solves world problems.

“Computer chips aren’t just for your laptop and phone anymore. Doctors are implanting these technologies in our brains to restore sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf.

Soon, they could give people super senses and radically improved memory and focus.

“Brain implants today are where laser eye surgery was several decades ago,” write Gary Marcus, an NYU professor of psychology, and Christof Koch, chief scientific officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, in a recent essay for The Wall Street Journal. See: Brain implants

As well as this remarkable video clip of a deaf woman hearing her own voice for the first time after her brain chip is activated.

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