Gold: dead or merely pining?

Gold promoters keep promising a return to the golden days of 2011 every day now…but so far a break out in bullion remains illusive. With all the recent news about geopolitical strife and a faltering global recovery, the U$ has continued to strengthen, not collapse as the bugs had predicted.
Gold Aug 14 2014
With QE winding down over the next couple of months, it seems gold’s best hope for the foreseeable future is not likely to be a spike in inflation, but rather ongoing ‘secular stagnation’ in the global economy that might prompt yet another round of desperate ‘liquidity’ experiments out of Central Banks down the road.

But then again, markets would also have to believe that such policies will be successful in order to drive a break out in inflation and gold. So far, some of the other key voters: treasuries (moving up) and copper (moving down) remain unconvinced.

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