Six years making back losses. Now what’s the plan?!

If you haven’t seen this excellent Frontline report (originally released in April 2013), there was an encore presentation of it this week. Critical issues for financial market participants to comprehend.

Retirement is big business in America, but is the system costing workers and retirees more than what they’re getting in return, asks FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith. Here is a direct video link.

And now that the Canadian market has this month finally reclaimed its bubble peak from June 2008–and the few who were able to hang on through 50%+ losses, have now spent 6 long years making back their losses–the question to ask all those confident financial advisers today is, “ok, so what’s the plan to avoid repeating that painful cycle all over again?” Remember we are all 6 years older now, 6 years less time to waste in a journey to financial security.
TSX 2005 to 2014

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