More fun with Mario and Janet…

As the press builds up the second coming of Janet at Jackson Hole today (“The Oracle speaks at 10!!). The ECB’s Draghi will be layin’ it all down at 2:30! Stay tuned.  What will the great magicians propose next.

A client sent me this link today to a Vera Lynn song he remembers as popular after World War II. For me the song expresses a rather eerily naive sentiment for after the war, and for our present times as well. Here is a direct audio link.
Janet stay the course cartoon
Meanwhile the fruit of central bank handiwork: serial asset bubbles, massive malinvestment, destructive capital incentives and ominous systemic risk continue to rot the global economy from the inside out.

Global consensus growth 2014
Chart source:

wage growth bbg

But I know, let’s not let facts get in the way today…All eyes on Janet.

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