Archiving life for lasting memory

GoPro Nick Woodman, CEO of explains his journey from surfer wanting to be an inventor, to race car driver, and now parent focused on documenting the life of his children. Here is a direct video link.

One of the most rewarding things I have ever done is to capture the first 7 years of our children’s lives on video. Extended family and old friends move in an out of the segments. First steps, first words, birthdays, grandmas that are gone, renos–we have it all.

In 2007 our video camera was stolen. Since then I have been trying to continue with a digital camera with more frustration. The old camera tapes were easily saved and viewable on old school DVD disks. Like an amazing worm hole back in time, memory is instantly revived in detail for all of us whenever we chose. And it always brings us closer to be reminded of all that has gone before. The challenge of new digital cameras today is that few people find the time to organize and edit their pictures and footage into user friendly segments. I am happy to hear that Woodman is now focusing on this as a next goal for GoPro innovation.

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