The end of free markets and the reign of riggers

Over the past 8 years, free markets have increasingly been over run by inside traders, price riggers and predatory high frequency machines, in the process, legitimate investors have steadily withdrawn and the volume of shares traded has plunged. Fewer participants mean those buying have had a magnified ability to move prices up, but it also means there have been less and less willing participants with each passing year. Those who have gone along for the ride are taking victory laps and calling it brilliance, but the trick will be trying to find buyers when they look to cash out winnings. This video captures the demise of free markets and the lack of liquidity that today stalks ‘players’ at the table.

Average Trade Size (Shares per Trade) for all NMS Stocks at 10 minute intervals between 9:30 (open) to 16:00 (close) from 2006 through November 12, 2014. Here is a direct video link.

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