The Impulse Society: America in the age of instant gratification

“One of the biggest American myths is limitlessness. You’d think by now we’d understand our own limitations but the American myth – and you can hear it on Rush Limbaugh every day – is one where the horizon goes on forever and more growth is always possible and any failure from Vietnam to the 2008 crash that we’ve ever had is just a case of failing to fully exert our exceptional American qualities.

Writer Paul Roberts, sees that myth, being wired up to a dangerous culture of impulse gratification where Amazon knows what kind of shower head you want – before you do and will send a drone to drop it on your doorstep before the words of your wish come out of your mouth.”

Here is a link to an audio clip of Roberts in conversation with Colin McEnroe talking about some of the material in his new book, The Impulse Society:  America in the age of instant gratification.

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