Vancouver Investment Conference this weekend

I will be traveling to Vancouver this weekend to speak at the 20th annual Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.   Always fun to be on the west coast.  You can see more about the show, or register to attend, here on line.

Recent moves in oil and gold are certain to be the topics du jour.  My partner Cory’s charts offer a bird’s eye view of recent moves.  Here is WTIC since 1985.

WTIC Jan 14 2015

And here is the barbarous relic itself since 2007…
Gold Jan 15 2015
Today we are seeing fresh highs on the US dollar and inflows to gold. Clearly a world of over-valued assets, contracting economies, increasing deficits and weak currencies are all making ‘safe havens’ in short supply. Inflationary pressures are weak but gold may benefit from a renewed thirst for currency alternatives…

The Canadian TSX Composite meanwhile is convulsing higher today even as the loonie falls some more. It’s quite a mess out there. This chart of the TSX captures the mayhem since September.  Nasty, negative bias still in play…
TSX Jan 16 2015

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