Repricing financial assets for the new world order

Danielle in conversation at the Vancouver Resource Conference on Monday. Here is a direct video link.

Here is an updated version of Cory’s TSX sector chart that I reference in this interview.

TSX sectors Jan 2015

As the Canadian stock market rallied yesterday on energy and financials, important to note that the trends are still firmly negative.  The next chart offers top down perspective on the price trend in just energy sector shares (XEG) since May.  Note the lack of buying conviction in Wednesday’s anemic volume, rally (green bar far right).  Same goes for the financial sector, still down more than 9% in the past month.

XEG Jan 21, 2015

A copy of the full slide presentation from my talk in Vancouver this week can be found here on the Venable Park website:  Financial Boom gone bust:  repricing assets for the new world order.

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