10 million missing gallons from BP spill found on Gulf floor

Another excellent reason to dramatically reduce our use of oil. Out of sight, doesn’t mean the damage has evaporated, see: Lost and found: 10 million ‘missing’ gallons from the BP oil spill, turn up on the sea floor:

“It’s now been almost 5 years since over 200 million U.S. gallons of oil were spilled over an area of around 68,000 square miles, and we’re still picking up the pieces.

The latest mystery that was finally solved involves about 10 million gallons of crude oil that government officials and BP cleanup crews couldn’t account for until now…

It was known that a portion of the oil from the spill had settled on the Gulf of Mexico sea floor, but only a small fraction had been found so far, with 70% of the oil remaining “missing”. But a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found up to 10 million gallons of crude that settled at the bottom of the Gulf.”


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