Texas city opts for 100% renewable energy–to save money

Georgetown, Texas has voted to be powered 100% by wind and solar energy. Not to be green, but to spend less money. In the cash-scarce, debt-filled, slower growth world that is ours after the credit bust–getting more for less is a necessity. That is why smarter energy policies are here to stay. See: This Texas city will soon be powered 100% by renewable energy.

News that a Texas city is to be powered by 100 percent renewable energy sparked surprise in an oil-obsessed, Republican-dominated state where fossil fuels are king and climate change activists were described as “the equivalent of the flat-earthers” by US Senator and GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

…in a practical-minded place like Texas, the best way to encourage the use of green energy is to appeal to heads rather than hearts and make a strong business case, as happened in Georgetown.


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