Another critical reason to use renewable energies: water preservation

Drought pictureOne of the silliest things that people are saying today is that renewable energy sources are only for electricity not transportation. Or that electric vehicles don’t help because they are plugging into conventional energy grids powered from coal and other fossil fuels.  Yeesh! We are transforming the power that feeds the grid here people!! That’s the whole point of this.

We feed clean, renewable energy to the grid and then we plug in vehicles to the grid, and presto–renewable, clean, transportation power.  But that isn’t even mentioning the other most important reason to harness and feed renewable energies to the grid:  preserving our critical-to-life water supplies! The fact that massive drought has prompted California to issue consumption rationing on everyone but oil companies underlines the dark ages thinking here.

“The thirstiest industry on the planet is electric power. According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, about one-sixth of all water used worldwide goes into the production of energy, from fuel mining to electricity generation.

The water it takes to power up the computer is real, if invisible to users. And imperiled: A recent article in Forbes noted that Brazil and California (the world’s seventh and eighth largest economies by GDP) both rely on hydropower, and both are seeing electricity production impacts from drought.”

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