Harvesting kinetic energy to feed our electrical grid

Very exciting time to be alive. Yes we can harvest all types of free, sustainable, clean energy to feed our power grid. And it will be world changing for the better.  Think of all the meaningful things we humans can invest in as we stop wasting trillions on developing, mining, controlling and buying finite, self-destructive energy sources.  The possibilities are endless.

Pavegen flooring tiles convert kinetic energy from footsteps into electrical power. Founder and chief executive Laurence Kemball-Cook is an industrial design engineer fascinated by the environment. Here is a direct video link.

The idea of ​​harnessing the excess kinetic energy produced by a vehicle, makes even more sense when we think about traffic in our large cities. There are many points at which all the passing cars are forced to break and reduce speed for a few metres so if we could use the energy that is wasted in the breaking, we would have the means to produce electricity.

See: Kinetic Recovery Systems for Roads.

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