Nature knows best: greater yield and nutrition in indigenous plants

African Greens_04_WEBImagine, indigenous plants are more nutritious and efficient to grow than non-native crops.  Who would of thunk…See this excellent article:  The rise of Africa’s super vegetables

Indigenous vegetables have a host of desirable traits: many of them are richer in protein, vitamins, iron and other nutrients than popular non-native crops such as kale, and they are better able to endure droughts and pests. This makes the traditional varieties a potent weapon against dietary deficiencies.”  And not just for poor people.  For everyone.

Reminds me of this segment my ND friend, Dr. Steve Rallis did recently on Dandelions.  How dumb is it that we in North America, poison our yards trying to kill this naturally occurring, free, miracle food.  If we get to live long enough, we may actually grow wise.

See:  Dandelions, nasty weed or powerful medicine.

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