Pope: “our home is being ruined and that damages everyone”

As one of the world’s prominent leaders Pope Francis took a bold step in calling humans to action in defense of our planet this week. Many are continuing to waste time arguing about the nuances of climate change and raise red herrings there as an excuse to do nothing and continue with the same old technologies and behaviors. Others recognize that the earth is being abused in a million different ways that are threatening the sustainability of our life on the planet. We have endless room for improvement.

The real question is what are each of us personally prepared to do to be part of a solution. What extra costs are we prepared to pay in order to do less harm and use sustainable products, energies and technologies. What personal discipline are we each prepared to exercise in order to slow and reverse human damage to our home?

Words are cheap but has the Vatican moved to cutting-edge water and waste management techniques along with serious energy conservation initiatives, is the roof covered in solar panels yet?

It is time for each of us to stop arguing, denying, passing the buck, and get on with constructive steps.  We are either each part of the solution or we are the problem, and in the end, we will all pay the price of inaction.

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