Ode to the ‘growth mindset’

A friend’s son had a wonderful grade 7 teacher this year, who made “the growth mindset” the theme for the year–not growth in the sense of insatiable financial gain or sales targets, but rather mental growth–the power to train and teach our brains new things.  She showed this video as the jumping off point:  see Growth Mindset.

As we age it can be our normal inclination to stop learning and start anchoring on existing beliefs and ideas–even when those beliefs and ideas become antiquated or self-defeating.  But in reality, everything is in flux.  Everything is a phase. The future will be different than now, and the past.  Evolving and growing smarter and wiser is our calling.  To do so we have to see all status quo systems as inherently transient.

Foundational to the future is fresh new thinking on health and energy.  See:  The way humans get electricity is about to change forever.

Tech heavyweights like Apple, Cisco and Google get it, see more on recent developments here.  Increasingly, so do business leaders in developing countries, see Asian billionaires in India solar push.  The universe is the limit.

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