Urban farming: smart food spreading

Urban farming initiatives are cropping up all over. Growing fresh, healthy, organic food right where people eat it. Cutting out middlemen, big food corps, and carbon-intensive shipping and packaging.  Perfection. See:  Urban farming a growing trend:

When many people think of farming, the city isn’t often the first location that comes to mind. But that’s exactly what a couple of Edmontonians are doing: urban farming.

“We started off just kind of dreaming up the idea while we were both in grad school, both studying food and agriculture-related topics,” said Cathryn Sprague, co-owner of Reclaim Urban Farm.

Sprague and her business partner, Ryan Mason, operate at 15 urban sites, mainly in the Whyte Avenue area. With permission from the property owners, the pair reclaims front and back yards, empty lots and gardens, and turns them into mini farm sites. Here is a direct video link.

In Detroit too. Here is a direct video link.

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