Real job creator: renewable energy and smarter technology

As Nick Hanauer so ably points outCJZVfcKWoAARZC6, a few people getting exorbitantly wealthy for short periods on asset bubbles that repeatedly implode is no way to create sustainable jobs and economic growth. In the end, bubble prices crash again, and the world is left farther behind with piles of worthless iou’s.

But re-engineering the power grid and building out renewable energy and electric transportation that the world desperately needs? Now that’s a job creator. As shown in this chart, $1 million invested in renewable technologies creates many more good paying jobs than a million invested in older, more polluting industries like natural gas and coal.

Also to learn more about driverless auto technology, and why it is a life saving revolution that is here to stay and increase human efficiency, watch, TED: How a driverless car sees the road.

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