Energy positive: car generates more power than it consumes

For all those who say they will believe it when they see it…the future is here.

Car presentation of the new car of Solar Team Eindhoven: Stella Lux. Stella Lux is energy positive, which means it generates more energy than it consumes. See: Students design solar car that can travel 600 miles per charge.

Here is a direct video link.

The concept of energy positive is key to progressive thinking. Human activities generate body heat and momentum that naturally produces power that can be collected, stored and used. The more active and efficient the person, the more neutral and even energy positive they can be. The dumb days of wasting all our ‘free’ energy are coming to an end. Think about all the walking, biking, gym machines, that you exert energy on during the day, the heat you give off a night while sleeping. Now think about harnessing that to reduce your utility costs and maybe even sell to others.

Not only is most of our personal energy wasted but the next time you are working out on a piece of gym equipment that doesn’t use your output for energy but is plugged in and buying power from the grid…the dumb waste of it should make you mad.

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