Fifth anniversary of Dodd-Frank financial reforms

Senator Elizabeth Warren explains some small victories of financial reforms to date, but reminds that most of the structural changes needed are yet to be accomplished.
Here is a direct video link.

The greatest failure of Dodd-Frank is that it does not break up the big banks and separate their deposit-taking arms backed by taxpayers, from their investment sales and speculating operations. The hundreds of pages of rules and regulations the act does include were in many ways skillful subterfuge negotiated by the banks to conceal the lack of the most critical change.

The financial lobby is the strongest in the world, right beside the oil lobby. Pushing for evolutions needed is a formidable feat that requires relentless attention and effort. But as Malcolm Gladwell so aptly explains in David and Goliath: Davids actually have more strength to defeat giants than is generally understood.  That is the reason that change always does happen eventually.

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