How cities can invest for the future and save $17 trillion

As one after another, climate-change denying government loses power, perhaps the world can start focusing on the lasting benefit areas screaming for investment:

“The world’s biggest problems, are the world’s biggest business opportunities.” -Peter Diamandis

One of the best ways to promote long term fiscal health is to stop wasting money! We have the technology to change buildings to high-efficiency lighting, capture solar energy and methane from landfills, and expand public transit.   A new report by the New Climate Economy looks at the numbers:

It found that, if all of the measures were implemented, cities would reduce their combined greenhouse gas emissions by 3.7 metric gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2030. That’s more, the report notes, than the annual emissions of India.

Nick Godfrey, head of policy and urban development at the New Climate Economy, said in a statement that the amount of money saved by cities could be even higher.

“US$17 trillion in savings is actually a very conservative estimate, because it only looks at direct energy savings generated from investment, which are a small proportion of the wider social, economic, and environmental benefits of these investments,” he said.

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