The Agenda on The State of Journalism

Ethical, principled journalism has always been a key check on corruption and abuse of power.  The rise of infotainment, paid promotion and media conglomerates under the guise of journalism has far reaching risks for democracy and truth.  With today’s blurred lines, many people lack the wisdom to know the difference.

Excellent discussion on these issues last night with Steve Paiken on The Agenda in two segments.  The first was with Guardian journalist and author Nick Davies on his new book “Hack Attack”.

His work brought one of the world’s most famous media empires to its knees. Guardian journalist Nick Davies exposed illegal phone hacking and an abuse of power by newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. He joins The Agenda to discuss his years of dogged investigative work. Here is a direct video clip.

The second with journalist Mark Bulgutch was excellent on the profession and principles of investigative reporting.

Like many industries, journalism has seen massive change in recent years. Fuelled by disruptive technology, journalists are reporting their stories in new and exciting ways. However, according to veteran journalist Mark Bulgutch, the change has not been for the better. He joins The Agenda to discuss this idea, and where journalism has gone wrong. Here is a direct video link.

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