Governing by the bankers, for the bankers, must end

Bank conspiracy, collapse and the failure of the federal reserve is explored with Nomi Prins, author of ALL THE PRESIDENTS’ BANKERS. Here is a direct video link.

This is a very important discussion to understand.  It is directly relevant to the financial mess plaguing the world today.

Also recall similar debilitating profits for banks are being extracted at the expense of taxpayers in Canada today.  See:  Canada’s new government must return infrastructure lending to the Bank of Canada.

Further on this topic, the common currency known as the Euro was orchestrated by the bankers for the bankers and a few multinational executives, with devastating cost to mostly everyone else.  The verdict is in, The Euro was pointless:

Economists estimate the creation of the single currency boosted trade among members by, at most, 10 per cent, although these estimates don’t account for the trend of rising trade among rich countries throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Factor that in, and the euro failed to boost trade at all.

On the financial side, the monetary union certainly led to a boom in cross-border bank lending and portfolio investment, but it’s not clear this produced any real economic benefits. Hyun Song Shin has even argued, not implausibly, that the euro’s creation and the ensuing “banking glut” was the underlying cause of America’s subprime housing excesses and subsequent crisis.

Time to reverse all the banker-serving constructs that are undermining meaningful progress on earth.  Admit, repent, reform, recover.

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