After the credit bubble: retail rightsizing just begun

Howard Davidowitz, founder and chairman at Davidowitz & Associates, examines the influence of the Chinese consumer, the threat of bankruptcy for retailers, and the importance of pricing in the retail business. Here is a direct video link.

He also discusses the challenges faced by retailers in mall locations, the waning influence of Black Friday and how real estate plays into the business of retail. Here is a direct video link.

Acres of redundant retail space can be re-purposed for vertical urban farming and renewable energy collection…maybe affordable housing in some locations; other buildings will need to be demolished, building components (metals,wood,glass etc) recycled and the land turned back into green space. All far more productive than their original use as centers for mindless consumer consumption on credit. But also likely to extenuate the surplus of consumer goods and commodities in the world for some time–excess capacity artifacts left from the largest credit bubble in human history.

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