Purchased politicians racing to block climate commitments

Purchased by the oil and gas industry (see a new report Corporate funding and ideological polarization about climate change), many GOP representatives are desperately searching for ways to block America’s commitment to climate help initiatives.  See:  GOP grasps for leverage over Paris climate-change deal:

The Sen­ate passed a pair of GOP-led bills yes­ter­day that would block sweep­ing EPA reg­u­la­tions to cut car­bon emis­sions from power plants, rules that would help the U.S. to meet the pledge it offered in the cli­mate ne­go­ti­ations to cut its green­house gas emis­sions 26-28 per­cent be­low 2005 levels by 2025. The House is likely to fol­low suit, but the meas­ures are largely sym­bol­ic be­cause they already face a firm White House veto threat.

Sen. Shel­ley Moore Capito, a West Vir­gin­ia Re­pub­lic­an help­ing to lead the GOP ef­fort, said ahead of the vote that law­makers are try­ing to send a mes­sage to the Par­is talks. “[Pres­id­ent Obama] is get­ting ready to enter in­to a glob­al cli­mate agree­ment. I think by show­ing that we dis­ap­prove of this reg­u­la­tion, [it] shows that the coun­try is not be­hind the policies he is put­ting for­ward,” she told re­port­ers in the Cap­it­ol.

Also see:  Proof that Exxon and the Kochs distorted the public’s understanding of climate change.   Will there be lawsuits coming against those who breach their public service duty and actively work to harm and impede health on the planet?  Will they be prosecuted for criminal negligence and put in jail?  How will any of this compensate us after irreparable harm has been done?

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