Market rout continues as QE bubble unwinds

Thanks to Twitter follower for recommending today the below presentation I gave in October 2013 and reminding that not everyone has been caught off guard this cycle.

Interestingly, I have not been asked to speak at the Moneyshow since this presentation.  This is the the price paid for pointing out downside risks to capital even when prescient and accurate.  Permabulls are what industry sponsored conference promoters and financial media seek out.  Listeners beware.

For those interested here is another direct video link to a talk I gave in January 2013 explaining the reasons for current trends.

Danielle Park, author of “Juggling Dynamite” and President of Venable Park Investment Counsel presents her talk entitled, “What A Slower Growth World Tells Us About Present Stock Valuations and Gurus.” Taped in January 2013 at Cambridge House International’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

This 2012 talk is also very on point to present conditions. Here is a direct video link.

“Financial bubbles attract over-investment in certain assets and sectors-the credit bubble of 1997 to 2007 was no different. While many people have been lamenting losing stocks and falling realty prices, most are overlooking the gifts born of the recent credit bubble. Financial analyst Danielle Park ( and explains how past mistakes and hyper-investment in some key areas have set us up for the next secular boom in prosperity. Learn what to look for and how to prosper.”

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