In a world of slow growth: smart energy shines

As old economy proponents ramble on about when they hope oil will rebound and save corporate profits–others are looking at the future not the past. Want to tap mammoth demand: focus on investments to increase efficiency in order to use less of everything. Focus on renewable energy sources pumped into continental smart grids and electric vehicles. Want scale? Want good jobs? The growth opportunities in these areas are massive and global.

Beth Comstock, vice chair at General Electric, explains the company’s clean energy project “Current” that helps partner companies better manage energy consumption and the use of the internet of things to spread energy efficiency. Here is a direct video link.

The maker of electric cars and energy-storage devices had 1,656 job openings posted as of Monday afternoon. Among them: a radar engineer with one to three years of experience with automotive radar systems; a manager to establish a service operation in Mexico City; product specialists in cities from Amsterdam and Milan to Shanghai and Chengdu. Here is a direct video link.

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