No global carbon tax agreement means onus on communities

After all the talk in Paris, a global agreement on taxing carbon is not yet inked even though pretty much all stakeholders agree it is essential. See: Here’s the climate deal everyone wants.  Here is a direct video link

Still progress is being made on a more granular level as individual states, provinces and municipalities recognize their vested interests and move to implement their own carbon tax programs. Alberta led with an initiative last month. See: Alberta to introduce economy-wide carbon tax.  A long overdue step in the right direction.

Further leadership is being shown by municipal leaders, with 100 Canadian cities to date signing declarations of the right to a healthy environment for their citizens. See the list here.  All of which heightens attention on the need to add a right to healthy environment to the Canadian Chart of Rights and Freedoms. See: An environmental bill of rights for Canada. After all without a healthy, sustaining natural environment, all other human rights declarations are hollow.

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