100% renewable doable for Canada

100 possible_0A team of engineers headed by Marc Jacobson at Stanford have created the blueprints for countries to move to 100% renewable energy one city and country at a time. To read Jacobson’s detailed work to convert 139 countries, visit here.

Jacobson was recently interviewed by the Globe and Mail about the scientifically and economically doable plan for Canada, which you can read here. Also see this handy one page summary graphic from The Solutions Project which lays out the nuts and bolts (click on the map to display different countries).

Not pie in the sky fantasy– a doable transformation that will create well-paying jobs and enable a sustainable economy for generations to come.  See 100% renewable by 2050 is doable.  Yes we can.  Individuals can be part of the solution by supporting and embracing new habits and technologies that are here and now:

We’re talking large scale and distributed solar, wind power, use of existing (not new) hydro and other renewable sources such as geothermal. We’re talking about dramatically improving energy efficiency (think building retrofits and changing the requirements for new buildings) and re-thinking our transportation systems, including a massive scaling up of public systems.

The breakdown of energy sources by 2050 in Canada would include (from the infographic):

  • Residential rooftop solar 1.5%
  • Solar PV plant 17.7%
  • Onshore wind 37.5%
  • Commercial/govt rooftop solar 1.7%
  • Wave energy 2%
  • Geothermal 1.9%
  • Hydroelectric 16.5%
  • Tidal turbine 0.2%.
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