Solar shining in Alberta

Solar cartoonAs the old school obsesses about energy locked underground, southern Alberta (along with many other places in the world) quietly gets 333 days of sunshine a year. See also: Sunniest cities in Canada for more. The NDP government’s decision to move the province away from coal and reduce pollution, makes solar an obvious bright spot.

See Solar energy set to shine in greener Alberta:

In November, Alberta announced plans to phase out the use of coal-powered electricity generation by 2030, a daunting task in that more than half of Alberta’s electricity currently comes from coal.

The plan is to shift that burden onto natural gas and renewable sources of energy like wind and solar, something that could force the cost of electricity up, making personal solar power more attractive to Albertans.

“One of the real advantages to these types of systems is that once you pay for it there are no additional costs. So your price today is fixed and once that is done, even if electrical costs go up, your price to generate the power you are producing does not.”

Here is a direct video link.

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