Renewable energy revolution engulfing the globe

For those looking for some inspiring news about humans and how smart and innovative we can be, follow Stanford engineer Mark Z Jacobson of 100% Renewables.

Stories about new projects and technologies all over the world are relentless. As Canada hunkers down through the coldest week of the winter so far, one Alberta town is basking in free heat from the sun.

“We wanted to show that it is possible in a cold Canadian climate to provide essentially all of the residential space heating needs for a community using solar energy,” said manager Doug McClenahan.

“On average, 60 per cent of the energy used in Canadian homes is for space heating, and approximately two-thirds of this is provided by fossil fuels.”

…Consisting of 52 houses, it’s the first large-scale solar community in North America to use borehole thermal energy storage to heat homes. See: Drake Landing: A ray of sunshine for solar thermal energy  Here is a direct video link.

See also: The US could switch to mostly renewable energy, no batteries needed.

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