Want jobs? Stop using bank deposits for wasteful speculation

Asher Edelman, founder of Edelman Artz and former CEO and Trustee, discusses his views on the U.S. economy which he feels is in recession. Also, insight to his investment strategy.  Here is a direct video link.

And all that nonsense [mouthed repeatedly by financial-tainers] about strong job growth over the past 8 years….yah, sorry. You must be joking…or lying…or a fool?
labor-force-participation-rate-january-2016Also reining in speculation by bringing back Glass Steagall to refocus deposit taking banks onto investing and lending to the real economy rather than economy-destroying gambling, is absolutely critical.  Any leader who doesn’t support this, won’t be helpful.  Everything else is sales-puff in comparison.  Here is a direct video link.

Meanwhile Republican and House Speaker Paul Ryan is part of the huge finance-purchased cabal vehemently insisting that requiring those offering financial and investment advice to act in the best interests of their clients would ‘increase paperwork’ and make it harder for investment ‘mangelment’ companies to operate.  See: House Speaker Ryan becomes leading opponent of fiduciary rule.

Oh yes by all means, keep it easy for unethical people and companies to abuse those who trust them for advice…

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