Ontario ‘seeing the light’ on energy revolution

Idled in 2013, and formerly the largest Co2 emitting plant in Canada, Ontario is converting the Nanticoke coal plant to a 44 MW solar installation. Now we are using our heads.  See, Ontario to convert largest coal plant:

“…the grounds of the idle Nanticoke Generating Station—once North America’s largest coal plant—will soon be lined with solar panels.nanticoke.generating.station

Ceasing energy production in 2013 as part of Ontario’s phase-out of coal energy, the enormous plant, which could produce almost 4,000 megawatts of power at full capacity, was officially shuttered for safety reasons last year. But the strip of land on the north shore of Lake Erie will soon begin churning out power once again—only this time, the electricity will be emissions-free.

sarnia_solar_rows-of-arrays-e1457714761535As part of the Independent Electricity System Operator’s 455 MW power procurement announcement earlier this week, the Nanticoke, Ont. site will be repurposed to house a 44 MW solar farm.

Sarnia is another southern Ontario location taking advantage of developments in solar technology. Enbridge operates a 80 MW photovoltaic plant outside the city.

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