California energy evolution offers ‘good growth’ blueprint

Want good growth?  Good paying, useful, productive jobs that make the national health stronger not weaker?  Want tax revenue for social programs and investment?  California is showing the way. See the inspiring story of how Republicans and Democrats have championed the change:  Does California have a blueprint to fix global warming?

Yes we can.

“…for many decades power players—Republicans and Democrats—have been marching toward a carbon-neutral existence.

Today, California can claim first place in just about every renewable-energy category: It is home to the nation’s largest wind farm and the world’s largest solar thermal plant. It has the largest operating photovoltaic solar installation on Earth and more rooftop solar than any other state. (It helps to have a lot of roofs.) This new industry has been an economic boon as well. Solar companies now employ an estimated 64,000 people in the state, surpassing the number of people working for all the major utilities. California has attracted more venture capital investment for clean-energy technologies than the European Union and China combined. Even the state’s manufacturing base is experiencing a boost; one of California’s largest factories is Tesla Motors’ sprawling electric-vehicle assembly plant in the Bay Area.

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