Uber’s plan for a world with fewer cars

Electric vehicles are a massive part of the efficient transportation evolution, self-driving cars will be too, but shared transportation is critical in lowering urban congestion and increasing capital efficiency ie., less cars need to be bought, less car loans and much less spending on maintenance and repairs– huge savings for consumers.

Uber didn’t start out with grand ambitions to cut congestion and pollution. But as the company took off, co-founder Travis Kalanick wondered if there was a way to get people using Uber along the same routes to share rides, reducing costs and carbon footprint along the way. The result: uberPOOL, the company’s carpooling service, which in its first eight months took 7.9 million miles off the roads and 1,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air in Los Angeles. Now, Kalanick says carpooling could work for commuters in the suburbs, too. “With the technology in our pockets today, and a little smart regulation,” he says, “we can turn every car into a shared car, and we can reclaim our cities starting today.”  Here is a direct video link.

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